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my 2 cents, ramblin'

who watches this page anymore? no i'm not a spook, and not really an anarchist in the political realm-- i voted for Obama. i just sort of went nuts when Bush sent my brother to Iraq in 2001, and rambled/ got in a spot of trouble for political actions. that was a while ago, in retrospect. i'm sort of going with the political flow, keeping an eye on things in my area (west-of-philadephia) and doing what i can to help my community. last year, i saw myself turning into a paranoid anarchist with no outlet or "crew" to fall back on every time a car made a weird noise. now i'm a sort-of laid back observer, while my brain seems anarchical in nature. perhaps that's the reason i found the idea of anarchy comforting during my travels across the US a few years back-- it sort of fit the way my brain worked, creative and grouping while lacking structure or a strong authority.

anywho, i'm not sure who's even WATCHING this group anymore, but i hope all is well. it's my contention that anarchy can't be "forced" upon society (as i witnessed, with dismal results, in portland and seattle), but it's likely inevitable. the way everyone (roundabouts 60% of the country) is blissfully ignorant to climate change-- aka "global warming"-- and how corporations, government, and society (individuals are important too) are all totally throwing their hands in the air, and still tossing their empty beers and deer park waters out their hummer windows, et cetera-- the way this is all continuing, mother nature will take over. perhaps there is some sound science behind nature's forces, but the clock is ticking. i wonder, what earthquake, blizzard, or ultimate catastrophic natural disaster will neutralize society, and cause accidental anarchy? it's a theory, of course, but seems the logical path-- the one chosen for us, because of our greed; our destructive nature will, almost with karma, destroy ourselves... probably MORE than inconvenient and i'm hoping, ultimately untrue.

i sincerely hope President Obama, or somebody important (Media) ups the ante on global warming talks & education. no pressure, though, hmm? there are a million wars to fight.
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