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For Pittsburghers!

SKY BANK Protest/Boycott

Friday, Dec. 17th Noon!
Protest at the Sky Bank Branch downtown, located in Centre City Towers (7th and Smithfield Street, Downtown Pittsburgh)

Janitors laid-off because they dared to win healthcare for themselves and their families! Help us stop the injustice at Centre City Towers

During the 2003 holiday season (the day before New Years Eve), the nine SEIU affiliated Janitors who clean Centre City Tower (CCT) in Downtown Pittsburgh were given one day to clear out their lockers and get out. The buildings management company replaced their union contractor with PF Enterprises, a non-union company that pays its part-time employees near minimum wage with no health care benefits. This, only shortly after building management had signed a master contract, negotiated between owners/managers controlling 90% of the large buildings in downtown and SEIU, that for the first time provided affordable healthcare for these Janitors and their families. The contract with SEIU stated that in the event contractors changed Janitors would retain their jobs, wages, and benefits, a common occurrence evidenced by the fact some of the CCT Janitors have cleaned the building for four separate contractors over the last 25 years.

Sky Bank is one of the major financial stakeholders in this travesty. Not only do they hold the mortgage on CCT itself, they are also one of the most visible tenets in the building with a bank branch on the first floor and a giant Sky Bank sign on the side of the building (put up after this injustice), and they've made loans to the the owner of PF Enterprises- around the time PF brought in as the new contractor. Sky is not only making money from building managers who broke, at the least, the spirit of the contract with their employees to avoid paying for healthcare and living wage, they are also profiting off the replacement workers brought in to replace them. In short, Sky Bank shares much of the responsibility for what has transpired as well as the moral responsibility to bring this situation to a just and equitable resolution. The community of Pittsburgh is calling on them to break their silence and take action.

Unless this injustice is reversed there is little to stop other building managers/owners from following suit, if that happens we may witness the de-unionization of the entire downtown Pittsburgh core and the loss of healthcare and living wages for 800 more. This fight must be our communities line in the sand.

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